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Who is to blame for the government shutdown?

(Hint: It isn’t the Democrats)

Mary Geren, Democratic candidate for the South Carolina 3rd Congressional district has a nice Facebook post detailing recent failings of the Republic party – excerpts below:


Despite controlling both chambers of Congress and the White House, exactly one year after Trump was sworn in as President, he and Republicans have failed to negotiate with Democrats, resulting in a government shutdown. Of course, Trump and Jeff Duncan are quick to blame Democrats, but let’s consider real facts, not alternative ones.

  • Lindsey Graham and Dick Durbin offered a bipartisan deal, but Trump refused to negotiate.
  • Senate Minority Leader, Chuck Schumer, even offered to put the Mexican border wall on the table. You know, the one Trump promised Mexico would pay for? Still, the great “Negotiator in Chief” couldn’t reach a deal.
  • Trump, who touted his excellent negotiating skills during the 2016 campaign, could not even get full Republican support to pass the bill. Actually, this is the first time in modern history the government has shut down when one party, the Republican Party in this instance, has controlled all three branches of government.
  • Funding CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Plan) should not have even been a part of this deal. Republicans allowed this critical program to expire on September 30, 2017. Paul Ryan, nor any other Republican leader, did anything to protect the program. Their hollow cries to protect our children’s healthcare now is the epitome of hypocrisy. They have never made affordable healthcare for poor people, including children, a priority, so why should we believe them now? We need a stand-alone, clean bill to fund CHIP and provide healthcare for our impoverished children.
  • DACA and our Dreamers should never have been a part of this deal. Trump has toyed with these remarkable, tax-paying residents for far too long. We need a bipartisan, stand-alone Dream Act.
  • Jeff Duncan wasn’t concerned about a government shutdown until it affected his president and his party. He said in 2013, “I believe Obamacare has shut down America, so I’d rather shut down the government than continue doing what we’re doing.”
  • Duncan did not support Trump attempting to negotiate with Democrats. He actually said, “I didn’t support him (Trump) on working with the Democrats on that,” said Duncan, a Republican from Laurens who is serving his fourth term. “I was very clear, I was disappointed” (The State Newspaper). Thus, we can blame radical politicians like Jeff Duncan for our current gridlock.

I could go on, but let me be clear. This is Trump and the Republicans’ shutdown, not the Democrats’. This Republican Congress and Republican President have proven time and again they can’t lead nor can they negotiate for the betterment of our nation. This is not some real estate or construction deal. This is our country. It’s time for leaders to stop playing political football with people’s lives and do their jobs. It’s time to bring honor, decency, and sanity back to Washington.

#TrumpShutdown #People1st


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